Recordings on historical keyboard-instruments

Born as a music hall and as a concert room, the atelier is now becoming a recording studio. The optimal acoustic of the space allowed our team to record and produce music and videos. The music production is possible thanks to our availability to let musicians play our historical keyboard-instruments. They have all been restored or newly built. These instruments are provided by our atelier and prepared for the recording of any musical project that uses the atelier as rehearsal studio.

Whether you are interested in realizing a discographic project, a live streaming concert, an informative or contest promo, it will be necessary to ask the studio availability sending an email through the form. Present us your project and we will guarantee you the most suitable solution for your needs.

If wanted, the project could be entrusted to professional technicians who will realize every-kind of service and audio-visual production, taking care of every single aspect of it and of the eventual final editing.

live streaming, promo and competitions

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