Conrad Graf – Vienna 1820ca.

Conrad Graf (1782-1851) was the leading piano maker of the Habsburg capital. Vienna, cradle of great universally beloved composers, was also a hub for musical instrument development. Graf’s works stood out for their strong and solid construction, their excellent materials and the utmost attention put into their every single detail. Graf’s instruments were chosen by Beethoven, Chopin and Schumann, among others. Almost 100 out of an estimated production of about 3000 pianos survive today. Our replica is based on Graf’s op. 593 ca. 1820. At the end of his long career in 1841, the piano maker sold his company to Carl Stein, grandson of Andreas Stein, who laid the foundations of the so-called “Viennese” mechanics in Salzburg.



LENGTH 240cm
PEDALS Una corda, bassoon, damper lifting, moderator, banda turca.
PRICE FROM On request


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