Conrad Graf - Vienna 1820ca.

Conrad Graf – Vienna 1820ca.

Length: 240cm

Compass: FF – f

Pedals: Una corda, bassoon, damper lifting, moderator, banda turca..

G. P. Polizzino - Roma 1640ca

J. D. Schiedmayer – 1794

Length: 218cm 

Compass: FF – f 

Knee Levers: Harpsichord effect – Dampers


G. Silbermann – 1749

Length: 235cm

Compass: Fa0-Sol5

Why would you prefer Casiglia?

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More than 35 years of experience in the sector, the Casiglia’s workshop has accumulated knowledge and skills that guarantee the perfect design and success of early keyboard instruments of high quality and prestige. This long journey has allowed us to refine and improve all craftsmanship skills and to offer unique instruments on the market. With a background of musical studies and training courses in Edinburgh on the construction of historical instruments, Ugo Casiglia opened his own laboratory in 1985 in Palermo. Today the laboratory is among the most renowned in the world thanks also to the presence of his son Claudio who joined in 2010.

Putting the utmost professionalism into every phase of the production of our instruments is a guarantee of excellent results, the important final regulation phases are often the most underestimated – our goal is to provide the performer with an instrument with the maximum dynamic and sound possibilities. All our instruments are made or restored in a philological way, we only use animal glues of the best quality and woods seasoned for more than 10 years in our storage rooms.

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By using only the best quality raw materials, we guarantee the durability, sound and beauty of your new instrument. This attention to detail, the production in limited quantities and the choice of highly selected materials from suppliers for our company allows us to create instruments that stand out for their mechanical and sound quality. Come and visit us, you will have the opportunity to play original early instruments and replicas and also to discover the production process of all the instruments in our laboratory.

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In building one’s own artistic path, the creation of an elite client base is a moment of confirmation of the executive and interpretative choices of one’s works. Recognizing one’s works in the artistic projects of important institutions renews the commitment and will in future projects. These are just some of the most prestigious institutions that have collaborated with our workshop:

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