We are convinced that only with quality products
you can get the best results. Seasoned wood more
than ten years, gluing with hide glue, philological
construction methods are just a few aspects that
will guarantee a wonderful instrument.


With a academic music background and through
workshops for the construction of early pianos in
Edinburgh, Ugo Casiglia started his own workshop
in 1985 in Palermo. Claudio Casiglia joined in 2010.
They are now renowned worldwide specialists in
the field of restoration and building of the early
keyboard instruments. From 37 years we are
synonym with reliability, competence and


The competence and professionalism of our work
influences customer satisfaction to a large extent.
Thanks to continuous studies and the high quality
workmanship , we guarantee the best product that
exists in the early piano market. Learn more about
our expertise as well as our projects in instruments
development, follow us on Facebook.


Conrad Graf - Vienna 1820ca.

Conrad Graf – Vienna 1820ca.

Length: 240cm

Compass: FF – f

Pedals: Una corda, bassoon, damper lifting, moderator, banda turca.

G. P. Polizzino - Roma 1640ca

A.Walter – Vienna 1800ca

Length: 216cm

Compass: Fa0-Sol5

Pedals: Moderator, damper lifting


Giacomo Ridolfi – Roma 1670ca.

Length: 200cm

Compass: C/E – c (short and broken lower octave )

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